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Post by Explict on Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:41 pm

Well as I upgrade I change my mind all the time. So I have some stuff for your 05-09 S197 Mustang!

JLT II Intake $100 (regularily ~$250) (with a tune = 30hp gain)

Stock 4 Wheels and tire (Chrome bullit 18x8.5) Two good rubber and two low rubber $400

Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust (dirty, I can clean for you) $90 (bought for $280)

BMR Lower control arms. $85 (regularily ~$150) (reduce wheel hop)

I also have lots of stock parts like fuel pump, fuel injectors, Intake Manifold, stock lower control arms, Intake, 6disc MP3 player, stuff I can sell for dirt cheap.

Or if you guys know anyone that has a Mustang and wants to mod for cheap let them know of my deals!!

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